Taksashila is now in a place in Pakistan. World’s first university was set up here. A teacher who can handle 10000 students alone without demanding fees but give each student food and accommodation was called ‘kulapati’ which is equal to vice chancellor of university. After finishing education student sometimes paid preceptor fees not all the time it was monetary. Sometimes teacher was so pleased he wouldn’t demand any fee.  As years passed the ability to provide accommodation and food was reduced and teacher alone couldn’t manage 10000 students. Hence need to set up university came up and place chosen was Takshasila. Many universities were later established across the country. Greeks, Chinese and other foreign visitors mentioned existing of such university along with students here. It is mentioned that 10000 students studied 60 subjects. Notable teacher is Chanakya whose arthasastra or treatise on statecraft is said to be the best by any political science guide till date. Chandragupta son of Mura became founder of Maurya dynasty was a student of Chanakya here. This university seems to have been destroyed by invading barbaric Arabs in 7th century.  Inspired by the university, the management of TEA chose to continue work of ancestors